Eat healthy & play colorful Holi

Holi is a festival of colors & most awaited festival of the year. We not only play with colors but eat a variety of colorful food. Traditional Holi dishes are rich and heavy, and if you are watching your weight then we have some super tips, recipes & much more for you to make this Holi health & stress free. How to start your day on Holi? Eat Breakfast- Go for feeling breakfast on Holi, options like poha with veggies or 1 bowl sugar free muesli with yoghurts or sprouts open toast or banana egg pancakes. This would help to keep your stomach full even after a long time of you having breakfast and is light enough to be digested easily. Hydrate Yourself- Holi is the one time when we people forget to hydrate themselves, despite there being so much of water around them. Ensure that you drink a lot of water or coconut water to keep yourself hydrated. Healthy options- Undoubtedly Holi is surrounded by lot of tempting & heavy foods but we have choose smart & go easy rather than …

Maintain your weight after diet

Losing weight is a challenge for those who had been on higher side of weight & when it comes to maintaining that lost weight after "Diet" it's a bigger challenge as nobody would like to follow diet for rest of life.
Let's us see what actually dieting means? Dieting is healthy lifestyle modification from your current lifestyle. To put it correctly it is your eating and lifestyle habits which make you put on weight. You can diet but the moment you go back to your old erratic eating habits then the old kilos will come back as well. You don’t have to change your whole life but you can add few small changes which can make a big difference.
"Make small lifestyle changes which will last forever.”
Practice mind full eating
Mindful eating is the practice of listening to internal appetite cues & paying full attention during the eating process. It involves eating slowly, when you eat this way you are most likely to stop when you are truly full. Mindful eating helps…

Top effort less exercise that anyone can do to get tone body

"Top Effort Less Exercise That Anyone Can Do to Get Tone Body" by Ruchita Maheshwari -

Enjoy guilt free party

Everyone wants to attend guilt free parties but these fun time often makes you put on weight. We have some amazing tips & enjoy guilt free party.

1. Prepare like a pro- Excitement is most common make sure that you prepare yourself mentally by keeping it cool & calm. Try to make advance choice possibly if you are aware of the menu.

2. Make sure you snack before party- Have a small snack, about one hour before party time, to curb excessive hunger. Try tucking into some high fiber or protein rich snacks. Not much, just a handful. A whole wheat-toast, sprouts, peanuts or 1 cup of greet yoghurt with a fruit are some good options.
3. Choose smart- All parties is filled with all kinds of snack. Try to choose some baked, grilled, steamed options. Nobody is asking to ditch pakoda’s can have 2 bites but choosing tikkas or momo’s are much healthier option.

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4. Go easy on booze-

Keep the stress eating at bay!

Food is the fuel that runs our bodies.Most people are overweight is because we are eating when we are emotionally hungry & Not when we’re physically hungry.Physical hunger is a gradual sensation that we feel in our stomach, and any food seems appealing.We usually feel good after eating.Most people eat when they are emotionally hungry though.Emotional hunger comes on suddenly and we will crave specific foods. With emotional hunger we can have snack after snack and nothing hits the spot.We often feel guilty after emotional eating. Emotional eating can be due to many reasons, to avoid adding unwanted kilos due to overbinging continue reading.

How to stop stress eating ?

1) Eat mindful-
Simply ask yourself this question Would I eat carrot right now? If you answer “yes” then you are physically hungry. Go ahead and eat.If your answer is “no” then you are emotionally hungry & not actually hungry for food. You are hungry for something else (stress relief, a distraction, a quick escape…

Do these reasons stop you to start diet? Not with us

When we talk about weight loss everybody wants to lose weight who are surrounded by obesity or medical conditions like thyroid, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, PCOS etc. You know that it is very important to lose weight at this stage in order to live a healthy life in the further. Let’s find out the top reasons why people be determine to lose weight but yet take their step back which in turn adds more weight.  Some of you may have tried dieting before to lose weight & must have lost as well but unfortunately in some cases they gain back. The simple reason may be crash/fad diet/soup or salads diet etc where you must be eating food in negligible amount which gives results on temporary bases but when you come back to your normal routine you gain double which you had lost. This creates misunderstanding in many people mind that dieting is boring with no food & variety which is absolutely wrong at least not in Healthy Mantra. We believe if you want to lose weight you have to eat rig…

Does calorie counting works all the time??

Now-a-days people are most conscious about the calorie intake. Many people believe that calories are the only thing that matters when it comes to weight losing while on the another hand it is framed that calorie counting is a waste of time as long as you’re eating clean or measuring portion sizes, for instance.
What's the fact?
Let us understand what is CALORIE? In simple words calories are a way of describing the amount of energy your body gets from eating and drinking.
This energy is used to keep your brain and organs functioning as they should be, and to provide fuel for physical activity.
Simple reasons why calorie count doesn't work all the time-
All time thinking about food spoils your relationship with it: Weighing, measuring, counting and analyzing your food each and every time you eat. it’s unrealistic which is next to impossible counting the calorie content of every single thing you’re eating when you dine out or eat at a friend’s house or even when the label tells you …